Wednesday, August 18, 2010

2010 08 16 Bass River Again?

So this sounds like we are stuck on Bass River Rec. Area and maybe we are.  That's one thing great about our adventures, we can pretty much go where we want, within reason, of course. 
Remember this area is huge, and even though we have been here many times we haven't been every where, there is always another trail or pond to explore.  This place is a former gravel pit, you know.  Is what I call Bass Lake really named Bass Lake?  I've found it called Max Lake on a site.

I did learn from a fisherman recently that Bass River flows to the Grand River down around the southeast end of  "Max Lake".  I always thought Bass River was the little inlet at the southern edge of Max Lake, if I run into this fisherman again I'll ask him what the lake is called.
Road from the boat launch site at Max Lake
Closed Gentian (Gentiana clausa) Area

Closed Gentian 
We were pleasantly surprised to find these blooming!

Purple Gerardia

                    Might this be Unakite?

On the way home we made a quick stop at Odawa/Battle Point Launch.
Pickerelweed at Odawa/Battle Point Launch


Anonymous said...

Even going to the same place, you take unique photos of everyday things. Wow, Bottle Gentians this early... M

stratovolcano said...

what is unakite? I like the map of "Bass River". cool flowers. I've never seen them before.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Unakite is an altered granite composed of pink orthoclase feldspar, green epidote, and generally colorless quartz.
The map was Marie's idea - take a picture of the map on the monitor and take that image with on the camera! It worked and helped us find our way. Yes flowers are cool!