Wednesday, August 18, 2010

...on to Prairie Park, Lemery Park, Tilma Nature Preserve, and Gezon Park

2010 08 09 When I knew we were going to Johnson Park (Walker Michigan), I looked for parks nearby, something with trails, water, or open places.  First I check out the Bing maps site online, then check city parks, nature preserves, areas that we may be able to pull off the side of the road, especially near rivers.  Within five miles of Johnson park I found several parks in the city of Wyoming, many I ruled out since they were neighborhood playgrounds, no woods, no water.
So after Johnson Park we headed to Prairie park which  is on Prairie Parkway SW, playground yes but also walking trails with 36 acres and I could see a footbridge on the map.  It turned out to be a nice park, the walking trails basically went to subdivisions.  Fun to have a park in the neighborhood.

Prairie Park, Wyoming, Michigan
Lemery Park is one and a half miles south of Prairie Park.  Buck Creek runs along the north side of Lemery and, pay attention now, Lemery park has a trail that connects to Buck Creek Nature Preserve to the east.  Lemery has 87 acres and lots of stuff like - Tennis Court, Basketball Courts, Little League Fields, Softball Field, Restrooms, Picnic Area, Fishing, Playground Equipment, Concession Stand, Walking Trail.
From Lemery Park looking west,
 Byron Center Ave SW,  Bridge over Buck Creek
George P. Tilma Nature Preserve is one of those places that if you didn't research you wouldn't find it.  Although it is listed on the Wyoming city website, but I don't remember any signs directing us to this place.  It is located at 2100 Sheri Lynn Drive and has 32 undeveloped acres, about a mile south of Lemery Park.

Tilma Nature Preserve is an interesting place.  Here are some pictures taken at Tilma. 

George P. Tilma Nature Preserve

 There were tons of frogs here! This one is so cute.

               At Tilma Nature Preserve Wyoming Michigan

After we enjoyed Tilma, we drove about 2 miles south and east to Gezon Park, (still in the city of Wyoming)  94 acres,  lots of ball fields, but also a walking trail.  There was a nicely  mowed trail mostly through a field.    

Tree at Gezon Park
A beautiful day at beautiful parks!


Anonymous said...

Excellent narrative of a nice day out along with pictures that illustrate the fun! M

stratovolcano said...

has anyone unknown contacted you or commented? now they can find more info on these parks that were not listed before, or maybe had just one google hit. That's partly why I blogged about the Castle Gap non-park here in West Texas

Plants Amaze Me said...

No comments from unknowns, usually just Marie because I tell her I want comments, feedback, something to show that any one is looking at this blog.

Anonymous said...

The frog - could it be a Green Frog (Rana clamitans)? It's on page 194 in Reader's Digest North American Wildlife. M

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