Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Finding Meadow Beauty and Autumn Coralroot!

So this very hot August day (92 degrees),  we decided on a road trip to Brown Sanctuary along the Paw Paw River in the northern section of Berrien County.

Sign for Brown Sanctuary
Paw Paw River from Brown Sanctuary

Paw Paw River

After Brown we went south to Grand Mere State Park and Natural Area.
We were driving north just into Van Buren County and stopped by Barvicks Dunes Nature Sanctuary.  But what I thought was the best part of the trip was a stop at Ross Coastal Plain Marsh Preserve, where we found two plants I have been wanting to find.  First was the Autumn Coralroot!

Autumn Coralroot (This is an Orchid!)

And the best find of the day was, drum roll please...

Meadow Beauty

                         What a day to remember!


Anonymous said...

Oh, it was, indeed! M

B said...

LOVE the meadow beauty!! What a find. :)

Anonymous said...

That Autumn Coralroot is such a Find! An orchid in August just hanging out along the path. M

Anonymous said...

Your photo of Meadow Beauty is better than anything out on the Internet. Look at that flower! Delicate pinkish-purple petals. Eight (count 'em) bright yellow stamens. The longest "stamen" is the pistil. It's yellowish-green, then very green and ends in a white round tip. Plants amaze me, too! M