Thursday, September 23, 2010

Great Northern Adventure

Mike and I left home for six days on a Great Northern Adventure, mostly to check out Bryan's Canada cabin. We decided to stop off at Mackinac Island and be tourists.

We stayed overnight on the island at Inn On Mackinac, a five story Bed and Breakfast.  I really liked it there, it was very clean and comfortable.  Ryan rented us an alcove room (for only $50) and it was perfect.

Inn On Mackinac
We rode bikes, toured the shops, ate pizza and carmel corn, then watched the sun set just near the Mackinac Bridge.

There was a quaint movie, filmed on the island, "Somewhere in Time (1980)" starring Christopher Reeve, on TV at the inn.
 In the morning we had a delicious breakfast at the inn then off on the ferry to Mackinaw City,  here we stocked up the cooler before heading into Canada.

The scenery along Trans-Canada Highway 17 was rocky, with many small lakes and waterfalls, surrounded by fir trees.  I was on this highway years ago, I didn't remember it.  Before long, great views of Lake Superior are there until you near the Wawa area.

 We continued to highway 519 (~200 miles north of Mackinaw City Michigan), the nearest town to the cabin is Dubreuilville Ontario.  We traveled 8 miles down a gravel road to find the cabin waiting for us.

Bryan's Canada Cabin
Magpie River
We went on a 3 hour hike through bear and moose infested woods!  Oh MY!  We saw large bear and moose tracks along the trail. 

Trail we hiked.

Along the trail

Later near here we saw a moose at the edge of the road.
   Yup that is a very real wild Canadian moose along  Highway 519!

And I'm sure you are wondering about what wildflowers we saw. Well many of the same kinds we see here, also lots of Fireweed everywhere, most still blooming, and some gone to seed with white fluffy down.
  We kept seeing bunches of a small flower I thought was a lobelia of some sort.  After consulting "Wildflowers in the Field and Forest" by Steven Clemants I found this flower wasn't a lobelia but an European Eyebright.
 After our hike we decided to pack up and drive to Saute Saint Marie, Ontario to catch the Agawa Canyon Train Tour.  We were on this train tour 34 years ago.  The colors of the leaves were already changing, nice scenery.
                  Agawa Canyon Train

View of Lake Superior from train
Dining Car
 We had breakfast on the train.  When we got to Agawa Canyon we toured all the waterfalls.

Back in Sault Ste. Marie we jumped in the car eager to head into Michigan and be in touch with family.
                                Mackinac Bridge

That night late we pulled into Bryan's other cabin on Peterson Creek in Manistee County, hiking the Manistee River Trail the next morning.
Suspension bridge across the Manistee River below Hodenpyl Dam 
 Sneezeweed along the Manistee River

 View of the Manistee River from trail

Then a leisurely drive home, stopping in Hart for dinner at La Fiesta restaurant.
It's good to be HOME!


Bee said...

Love the update! Lots of wonderful photos! Looks like y'all had a lot of fun!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks Bee. Yes we sure did have fun!

Anonymous said...

Wow, wish I could have seen all that! The views, the flowers. Fireweed is beautiful. The Eyebright looks like an angel. The B&B, the Agawa Canyon train ride, a real moose, Mackinac Bridge, Manistee River is one of my favorite hiking places, and dinner in Hart - wow. Glad you're home safe! M

Anonymous said...

Love your pictures Aunt Chris!!! They are so good:)Take Care, Katie

Plants Amaze Me said...

Thanks Katie! Glad you had a chance to stop by the blog. I do get around, don't I! Fun with your mother or fun with Mike. Take Care :)