Friday, June 17, 2011

Hemlock Crossing

2011 05 26 At  Hemlock Crossing (Ottawa County Park) four sisters went for a walk.  A little rain, a little cool, perfect.
Pigeon River
Footbridge at Hemlock Crossing

So many Skunk Cabbage Leaves.

Yellow Goatsbeard just opening, side view
                                       then from the top.

                                                 Wild Lupine
                         Cool Leaf probably a Dock

Wild Columbine not fully open.
We are so lucky to have all these great parks right here in our county!


Anonymous said...

It was a perfect day. Flowers, fun, and sisters galore. I agree about all the parks available. M :)

Anonymous said...

Very nice set of pictures.


Decided to buy a intervolmeter for my camera so I may end up with some nice time lapse photos...not sure yet.


Plants Amaze Me said...

Tom, I hope you get some good shots with the intervalometer added. I got a motion sensor camera for a gift, we put it in the woods to see who or what goes by. :)