Thursday, June 16, 2011

Lamberton Lake Nature Preserve and Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve

2011 May 23 East we go to a Fen. 
I'm not sure where "they" hide all of the rare plants at this nature preserve.  It is located in a very urban setting, right beside Highway 96 in Kent County.  There is a trail about 1/4 mile long, the water was high and the brush thick.  So we didn't explore much. 

We did meet this guy along the path.

Next on to Saul Lake Bog Nature Preserve!  This is one of our favorites places (we have many favorites).  It is a bit hard to find if you don't have the address.
 Right off we spied Wild Lupine, of course we knew it was here, we have been here before.
The bog with clouds then out came the sun.

                               Saul Lake Bog
We did see Buckbean (Menyanthes trifoliata) blooming which we have looked for but it was flowering farther out on the bog, we couldn't go there.

Swampy area along the trail, good thing we had our boots.
A good day for a walk at the bog then a pleasant drive home.


Anonymous said...

Tried to slip this one past me? I check your blog first thing every time I'm online! You are missed. People all over the world wait for your posts because of the fantastic photos and genuine enjoyment in our outings. I know I am amazed at the memories you evoke with a word or phrase. The photos are eye candy for the weary. Thanks yet again. M :)

Anonymous said...

The guy along the path looks familiar. Even a bit grumpy! Yes, I do remember him.

Plants Amaze Me said...

M. WOW! You are very poetic! Thanks for the wonderful trips! :)

MJ Yes that guy is familiar and grumpy looking, maybe he didn't like me encroaching in on his haunt? :)

Bob said...

Two great places! I'm very familiar with them both. Lamberton Lake Fen does indeed harbor a rare wildflower, and years ago, before the apartments were built back in the early 70s, it had at least one nice population of pitcher plants along Lamberton Creek.

Saul Lake Bog is a beautiful place. When I was a kid, I made an excursion out to the island and out to the middle of the bog. The buckbean were everywhere out there, and the raw peat was littered with intermediate-leafed sundews. But it was treacherous going; you really don't want venture out there.

Plants Amaze Me said...

To Bob: Thank you for leaving a comment and becoming a follower on Plants Amaze Me!

It was your site that helped us find the Middleville Fen. That is an amazing place.

So you are a Jazz Saxophonist and a Storm Chaser, I see you sprained your ankle, too bad, but it is a good day to stay inside.

What you wrote about the Lamberton Lake Fen and Saul Lake Bog was very interesting. I don't think we have Lamberton Lake Fen figured out. And to go out on the bog when you were a kid, yikes!

Thanks again :)

Tiffany said...

My husband and I are looking to go to Saul Lake today to check out the bog. Have you been to the bog at Muskegon State Park? It's very lovely. Lots of sundews and pitcher plants there. While on the note of wet areas, have you ever come across sweet flag (acorus calamus) while on your explorations? It is one plant that is supposedly common in Muskegon, Ottawa (that's where I am), and Kent counties, but I've never seen it before and greatly desire to.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Tiffany hi, I have been reading your comments this morning. You mentioned the Sweet Flag - I looked it up, I've never identified it before, but I think we saw it along the Manistee River Trail last month. I didn't know what it was and I have just one picture of it. I will keep a look out for Sweet Flag.
I didn't make it to Saul Lake bog this year, I have been to Lost Lake at the Muskegon State Park, it is lovely.
I'm in Ottawa County, too. Thanks for the interest.