Wednesday, October 26, 2011

Fall Color at Ludington State Park

2011 10 24  It turned into a beautiful sunny day after a night of late October thunderstorms.  Temps in the mid 50's, blue sky.  Marie and I went to one of my most favorite trails, Island Trail with Lost Lake Trail at Ludington State Park just north of Ludington, Michigan.

We checked out some interesting rocks under the shallow waters of Hamlin Lake (this man made lake originated during the logging era when lumbermen dammed the Big Sable River to make an enormous holding pond for trees felled upstream).

                                   Maybe a Pike?

While on Bing maps online I saw one large interdunal wetland near the trail we would be walking on.  We ended up taking a side trip to find it. 

It was big, how big, well more like a small lake.  There were cattails, and lily pads, this place always has water, it doesn't dry up.  And I found Gerardia blooming, lots of it!  This was a very special place, quiet and remote.

On our way out of the park we just had to stop and check out some more wet areas. 
These wet areas dry up, and we found there wasn't much water here but lots of mud.  As soon as I started looking around I found just one Kalm's (Brook) Lobelia blooming! 
Just one flower.

We moved on to a place where last summer we had seen several Bladderwort. 
Remember the Horned Bladderwort from July 2010?

This is the land of Horned Bladderwort.
I was just saying to Marie, we were walking on future bladderwort when I looked down and found the Last of the Summer's -  Horned Bladderwort!! 
            There was just the one. 

What a great day!


Anonymous said...

Great day, yes! Wow. You are a suberbly talented photographer. How can anyone resist going to these places? I want to go back. Let's see - my favorite photos are the ones with the footbridge, trees, water, Gerardia, Brook's Lobelia, and the Horned Bladderwort. Okay, all of them! Great job! M :)

stratovolcano said...

Island Trail is my favorite too! I remember the shallow part with the small island, but I recall the bottom being sandier there. Maybe it is being overtaken by algae, slime and weeds. Your blog makes me miss the fall colors now that I am back in Flatland where there aren't any changing trees...

Anonymous said...

Nice pictures Aunt Chris :)

Always fun seeing what you two are exploring.

I think the two of you are at the top of the list when it comes to exploring Michigan.

Tom in Florida

Anonymous said...

Not sure if mom shared this pic with you.

I took it a while ago at Carlin Park (basically a beach in Jupiter).

Used multiple exposures and blended back into one final pic.


PS I like the inside of the turtle pic as well. :)

Anonymous said...

Beautiful Pictures! the colors are great and the reflection in the water too.
You and Marie are very lucky! Enjoy! MJ

Anonymous said...

The Island Trail is one of my favorites, either on foot, or following close to it in my kayak, but I've never been there at that time of year. Fantastic photos!, thanks for sending me the link!