Friday, October 14, 2011

Michigan Fall Color at Long Lake

  Long Lake        
 2011 October 11  We were looking for fall color and while the sun was shining we found color. What a difference the sun can make. These two photos are with the early morning sun still low in the sky just lighting up the leaves, and the sky was quite blue, later it was a bit more hazy.

Long Lake (13747 Krauskopf NE Sparta, MI 49345)
is in Kent County Michigan, remember

Kent County has many wonderful parks and a very good website.  When using a GPS it helps to have an address, addresses are included on this site, as are maps and a list of what you will find at each park.

Near the playground where there are maple trees with golden leaves, even if the sun isn't shining, it looks like sunshine.
Maybe we should call them Sunshine Maples.
Marie found one Nodding Ladies' Tresses still blooming!
We identified these asters as Heath Aster (Aster ericoides), there were lots of busy bumble bees.
 This little Wood Frog was curious.
The bugs were as busy as the bees.

The park wraps around the most of the north end of Long Lake, the very south end of the lake is private.  There are three entrances to the park, with the playground on the east side, a non-motorized boats only launch on the west side of the lake.

We left Long Lake Park with an hour of fun time left so on our way home we stopped in at Patterson Park in Muskegon County.  Patterson Park is located on the Little Rio Grande Creek two miles southwest of Ravenna on Blackmer Road, here is a site for Muskegon County parks,

At Patterson Park there are many Sycamore trees, this is what the bark of the Sycamore looks like.

This composite was blooming, we didn't ID it, sort of looked like Woodland Sunflower, but it was nice to see.  Time to head home.


Anonymous said...

We shall call them Sunshine Maples. I like Long Lake Park even though it's pretty citified. It has its wild side, too. Thank you, Kent County, for NOT mowing parts of it. Patterson Park in Muskegon County is one of the least used in their system. I like that. It has two very small but historically significant bridges. How about that? Love the photos! M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Sunshine Maples they are!
Maybe would should rename everything then we don't have to spend time figuring out what stuff is?

Anonymous said...

Okay, let's rename stuff, Matilda! M :)