Sunday, October 16, 2011

North Bank Trail

2011 10 13 A new 3.3 mile phase 1 (Fruitport Road to 130th Avenue) section of  the North Bank Trail in Spring Lake Township was completed recently.  My sister, Sugar, managed to pry me off the couch with an invitation to ride our bikes on the new trail.  It was gray and cloudy, but a very comfortable temperature for bike riding. 

We used the new parking area on 144th Avenue, north of M-104, hopped on our bikes and pedaled east.

Right off we were greeted by bright red Winterberry with blueberry bushes in the background.
As we got close to 130th Ave.  we found workers still putting the finishing touches on a bridge.

Of course next year when the vegatation grows in it will look better.
We stopped off at this scenic overlook near the north end of Lloyds Bayou.

There was a bit of wildlife, yup I'm talking about the fly.

We pedaled west to Central Park in Spring Lake (Michigan) then east back to the cars on 144th Avenue.  What a fun outing, we have to do this more often!
Plans are for the North Bank Trail to extend 18 miles along the former Grand Trunk Railroad, connecting with the Musketawa Trail east of Coopersville.  This section now connects with Lakeside Trail that extends through the village of Spring Lake and joins up 26 miles of existing bike paths in Spring Lake Township.
I'm so glad my sister got me off the couch, sometimes you need a little nudge.


Anonymous said...

You have another sister???

Dave said...

awesome!!!!! I love biking and even better it is in nature. Im glad your sister got ya going so i know of another destination to see!!

Plants Amaze Me said...

Yes "Anonymous" remember I have three favortie sisters!

Flowerdave, North Bank Trail, in the future, is going to use some old railroad trestles over Crockery Creek, that should be cool.

stratovolcano said...

great fall colors. I miss cycling in Michigan in the fall. My favorite time of year.