Saturday, January 21, 2012

Eastmanville Farm

December 5 2011
Eastmanville Farm (Ottawa County Park) located at 7975 Leonard Street in Polkton Township on the Grand River.  This 229 acre property was acquired by Ottawa County in the early 1800s and established as a “poor farm” to provide housing and services for indigent residents. This operation, called Community Haven, survived until the late 1990s.

This park, now called Eastmanville Farm, currently offers 3.5 miles of equestrian and hiking trails and a parking lot.

Lots of maps along the trail.
 We even found a wildflower blooming in December!
 Trail on the northwest corner of the property.

The park property is also south of Leonard Street so we checked that section out.  There are no trails here, this is were you can get to the Grand River.  There is also a creek, on the west side, that flows into the Grand.

Is this a deer skull?
After Eastmanville Farm we stopped off at Millpoint Park,  located at the end of School Street in the Village of Spring Lake, to see the new boardwalk.  Well, it isn't quite done and it wasn't the best day to visit.
Kind of a cold gray day, still fun to explore.


Anonymous said...

I like the maps, the red barn, the tree, the dandelion, the fields, the Grand River, ahhhhhhh.
Thanks for the photos! M :)

Anonymous said...

its beautiful, nice trails for hiking with the family, can go as far as you want or turn around. Didn't realize we had this wonderful place at our finger tips to be able to enjoy nature and let the kids run ahead of us. thank you for letting us enjoy your farm!!D.

Plants Amaze Me said...

Anonymous, Glad you enjoyed the park, it is close by and has plenty of room to run. Thanks for visiting my blog.