Thursday, January 12, 2012

Grand Haven Pier

January 11 2012
Very warm temperatures (55 degrees) for this time of year in Michigan, and sunny too.  


 I was lucky to go along for a walk on the pier.

In the channel to Lake Michigan we saw diving ducks, maybe Red-breasted Mergansers, one even came up with a fish in its bill.

There were lots of people out and all seemed to be smiling. 
This little sweetie was at the end of the pier,
so cute. 

Beautiful day!


Anonymous said...

Yesterday was a nice day! Now, it's snowing beautifully. No, I don't like the slippery roads but I wouldn't want to miss this. I love your tree picture and the ones of the lighthouse. And the litle sweetie is a real cutie! Thanks for posting! M :)

kayak1 said...

Your pictures get better each time... Thanks!!! So far here in Florida, I've only taken two pictures, neither one worth sending... Sure enjoying the sunshine...

Plants Amaze Me said...

Now January 15 even more snow on the trees, we lost power the first night, a branch across the wires. Grand Haven Board of Light and Power came out and fixed it at 3 a.m., they are great.

Kayak1 you are in Florida! You guys get around. Are you kayaking down there?

Time to go play in the snow, thanks for visiting the blog.