Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Blooming Bloodroot at Riverside Park!

April 12 2011  A fun afternoon at Riverside Park with my Favorite daughter and my favorite dog.  It was a warm and sunny day, Tuesday, grocery shopping was done, the  house pretty much clean.  When it is a nice weather day if you can get outside you should.

As soon as we got on the trail we found Spring Beauty blooming! 

Purple Cress was just coming out.  Then Betsy discovered blooming Bloodroot!

Tilly the Oreo Princess was glad for a refreshing swim.
We walked to the point and back staying to the trail.  Just before getting to the car, Betsy spotted Bird's-eye Speedwell, I know it is a non-native, and it is a lawn weed, but it is one of the prettiest little flowers I have ever seen.  What a color!

  Thank you Betsy and Tilly for that wonderful quest of spring wildflowers!

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Anonymous said...

Was so much fun! Need to go again soon!!