Friday, April 1, 2011

Still Cold In Michigan

March 29 2011  Marie and I spent 3 hours in the deep wet woods of Aman Park, where no trails go.  What is it about these shallow wet areas that are so inviting?  We stopped to listen for Spring but didn't hear it.

We did see, then heard a Barred Owl.  When I imitated its "Who cooks for you, all" we heard a deer snort back at me.  Such fun.  Still cold though and not many plants are coming out of the frozen ground.
                            Swampy woodlands at Aman Park
We checked often for Spicebush which blooms soon with little yellow blossoms.  We found it but not yet open.
                                                      Spicebush will soon bloom yellow.

        Wild Leek pushing through the sandy mud near Sand Creek in Ottawa County.
We saw the garden escape, Snow Drops blooming, there at Aman.  I did find Hepatica barely open and so furry.
   Going by its leaves left from last year, it is Sharp-Lobed Hepatica.
Leaving Aman Park just after noon we traveled 10 miles by car to Hager Park if we could have flown like a bird it would have been 4 miles.  Hager Park is an Ottawa County Park here is some info about the park -
This popular 104 acre family park has a full array of recreational opportunities including extensive picnic areas and nature trails. The mature hardwood forest is well known for its spectacular spring wildflowers in April and May. A highlight of the park is the Age of Discovery community-built playground which overlooks a terrain map of the United States.
 This is an aerial view of the terrain map of the U.S. at Hager Park, notice the green mounds for the Rocky Mountains and Appalachian Mountains, lines of rock represent the Mississippi  River and the Colorado River, the states are outlined too. 

                                                       At Hager Park
                                                   Larch springing out
                                                      Hager Creek
                                                  Wildlife in Hager Creek
We walked at Hager for about 2 1/2 hours, how do we do it?  It was 41 degrees very sunny with blue skies.  The last picture is of the Grand River as we crossed it on the M-45 bridge near Allendale.


Anonymous said...

You did it again! Took an ordinary day spent outdoors and found the unique and unusual. The ice pattern, that Hepatica with its fur coat still on, cool map from above, and the blue sky over the Grand River. Wow. Let's go again. M :)

Anonymous said...

Prettty blue skies!