Sunday, April 17, 2011

Spring Wildflowering on Friday

April 15 2011 My third trip out to wildflower this week, it's that time of year.  Marie came down, we went to Riverside Park to see the Bloodroot blooming.

 We got there before 8 a.m., only 35 degrees, and it was windy.  The Bloodroot was closed up tight.

We went on to Pigeon Creek Park, I wanted to see if the Marsh Marigold were blooming. 

Nope just buds.  Lots of Skunk Cabbage.  Scary wet areas, almost looks like Louisiana.

Near the parking lot at Pigeon there are some nice Larch growing with new cone growth.

On to Grand River Park, we were here on Monday this week, we checked out the Trout Lily but they were closed up like the Bloodroot. 
                                               Trout Lily

Still only 43 degrees at 10:30, and even more wind.  Some violets.

We cut through one of our favorite swampy places and saw Spicebush almost blooming. 
We found some beautiful Spring Beauty, and Harbinger-of-Spring that we found earlier this week.  We walked here for three hours!  Part of that time we sat on a log in the middle of nowhere having a snack and just enjoying the day.

                                               Spring Beauty

After Grand River Park we went back to Riverside to see if those Bloodroot were open.  They were.

  We had a nice walk around a loop trail.  Found the Purple Dead Nettle blooming and the first dandelion of the year.

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What a great day indeed. Thanks... M :)