Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Time Warp?

2011 04 18 I've mentioned before we have had a slow spring, just one or two days with temps in the high 70's and not much rain. Monday was our adventure day, I got up out of bed, ready to go off gallivanting with Marie, we planned on Aman Park. Of course Tilly dog wanted to go out, I opened the door to 4 inches of wet snow!

                                           Our driveway, April 18th

I wondered if Marie would cancel, I heard on T.V. there were many accidents on the roads. It kept snowing and blowing like a January day. Just after 7:30 I could hardly believe I saw headlights coming down the driveway! Marie arrives.

Marie's house is 33 miles north of mine, there was NO snow at her house, as she drove through Muskegon she started seeing white stuff on the hills. Remember we haven't had snow for over a month. Then she said the pavement was wet? Huh. Next came the snow, and more snow, that's when she thought she must have traveled through a Time Warp! Ha Ha, she went from April 18 back to January! Just in her mind, of course.

Our adventure started out with a few hours of reminiscing in front of the wood burning stove, and some book research, a spot of tea. There was no sense in driving to Aman, which is a 45 mile round trip from my house (gas per gallon is $3.95 right now). So we drove around in the nice warm van and landed at Hofma Park.  Temperature outside the van 31 degrees.


We crossed this bridge, it is back in the woods, not on a main trail, it might not actually be in the park.  We did find Marsh Marigold blooming!
                                    Not the prettiest ever but this Marsh Marigold was blooming.
                  We were off the trail here skirting the wetlands in search of wildflowers.
                 The creek is part of  Pottawattomie Bayou, does it have a name?
There are new map signs at Hofma (oh oh looks like the screws are already rusting?).  I like how they added dogs permitted if under immediate control.  
Now it is 2 p.m. we stop off at Pottawattomie Park, a Grand Haven Charter Township park. 
                                                                    Pottawattomie Bayou
                                 Pretty Pussy Willows doing their blooming.
That was about it for the day.  Exactly a year ago we were seeing all sorts of blooming wildflowers, trillium, buttercup, lousewort, hepatica, Trailing Arbutus...  Every year is different, so we will keep waiting to see what blooms this year.

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Anonymous said...

Let's start with your last photo - that is an amazing photo of the staminate catkin - the male flower of the Pussy Willow. I recommend the book WONDERFUL PUSSY WILLOWS by Jerome Wesler for more details. Back to your photos, the Marsh Marigold blooming bravely in the snow. All that snow weighing down the branches of the pine trees. It's hard to imagine that there was significant snowfall all day on April 18th! Wow. M :)