Friday, February 17, 2012

Grand River Park

2012 01 23 Another gray, rainy day for a walk, but that's OK.  We have been to Grand River Park many times, it is an Ottawa County Park.  Here is what we saw...

  Restored native grassland
 Little bit of ground fog
 Just another field
 American Sycamore with hanging fruit balls

Another American Sycamore tree
 Some of the trails were now streams.

We made our way to the Grand River, as close as we could get.  Past the trees is the river.

 Grand River flooding, watch where you step!

We had to circle around because of the flooding, we went through another field, and down a path to see the Paw Paw trees.  We sat on the bench at the edge of a field and had a snack in the rain.

This is the small lake near the entrance to the park.
I know these photos are not much to look at...but it was still good to be out there.


kayak1 said...

Yes, anytime "Out-N-'Bout" in Nature is good... Can't wait for Kayak weather!!! TV8 claims March will be warmer than normal...
Hope to be home early March...
PS: Pictures are GREAT!!!

Plants Amaze Me said...

kayak1, Yup TV8 says this is the second warmest winter on record. Sounds like early March will be the first kayak trip of the season!

Anonymous said...

We always enjoy our day. Near or far. Blue skies or gray. As long as we're in the woods and fields. We're okay. I didn't mean that to rhyme...
M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :), Yes we do always enjoy our day, why is that? You are a poet and don't even know it. Good eye on the blog, I'm trying to catch up.