Friday, February 3, 2012

Hemlock Crossing

The day after Christmas we visited Hemlock Crossing, an Ottawa County park.  This is a great park, miles of trails, the Pigeon River, many wetlands, natural springs, and woods, also several scenic overlooks of the river, a pedestrian bridge, a kayak/canoe launch, and an impressive Nature Education Center.  It connects by foot trails to Pine Bend, another Ottawa County park down along the Pigeon River.

We had a wonderful day (4 hours) exploring almost every corner of this park.  This is what we saw ...   


 I would like to know what this "plant" is, moss or fern?  What kind?

 We were able to walk in this creek, that was fun.
 This is the kayak/canoe launch.

We found this maple bud/flower?  This is December so it is probably a bud.  Red Maple or Silver maple?

Train bridge over Pigeon River just outside the park.
Hemlock Crossing is located in Port Sheldon Township, along the Pigeon River, at 8115 West Olive Road, West Olive, MI 49460.  This is south of Grand Haven and north of Holland.

This is the Ottawa County site for this park,

I miss that blue sky.


Anonymous said...

Plants Amaze Me, these are your best photos yet! My, oh my. That blue sky. We do see a lot of neat things. Like I always say - Let's go see!

M :)

Plants Amaze Me said...

Marie, thanks, the blue sky makes for pretty pictures, especially by the water or in the field of golden grasses. I wish the light would have been on that big tree in the woods, that is a great tree.

It was a nice relaxing day, out there walking. Yeah, let's go see!

New Hampshire Gardener said...

I think the plant you ask about is one of the Liverworts. You can find out more here:

kayak1 said...


Plants Amaze Me said...

New Hampshire Gardener, Thanks for the website about liverworts and other interesting things!

We have been seeing so many different kinds of moss, lichen, liverworts. Thanks, too, for visiting my blog. :)

Kayak1, Thanks. I think you and the guys could have kayaked on Sunday, it was a beautiful day.

New Hampshire Gardener said...

Glad I could help. I enjoy your blog-you live in a beautiful place.

Anonymous said...

I It's SO awesome there!!!!!!!!!!!!