Saturday, February 18, 2012

Riverside Park, Week four

This week at Riverside it started out gray but ended with some sun.  The gate to the far end of the park was closed so we turned around and parked at the end of North Cedar Drive.  This is a road end with room to park, and is at the northwest end of Bass Lake.
 North Cedar Drive
 NW end of Bass Lake, covered with snow and ice this week.
This is where we parked last week at Riverside, sometimes when the road is flooded they close the gate to this section of the park.  We were able to walk down the road with no problem, so we could walk the regular loop.
 Trails along the way were flooded, it was good that Tilly wasn't with this time.
 Here again is where Bass Lake meets the Grand River.  No wood chunks to sit on, they have apparently all gone downstream with the high water.
 We sat at the point, ate chocolates and looked at the rocks.  Cool rocks.
 Back to the NW end of Bass Lake and here comes the sun.
Parking area at the end of North Cedar Drive. 
Nice day.


Anonymous said...

What a difference when the sun shines! Ah, blue sky. Your photo of rocks look as colorful as flowers. Riverside is a great park. Thanks for the photo trip.
M :)

Anonymous said...

All agree with Anonymous said, thanks for the photo trips!

Plants Amaze Me said...

M :) Thanks for visiting the blog even though you weren't part of this trip. I am lucky to get out so often. We need to remember Riverside in the spring. You're welcome, for the photo trip. :)

quietsolopursuits, Thanks for the encouraging comment. Riverside park is a good place to hike sometimes you do run into other people. Usually we got the place mostly to ourselves. :)